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Mini DV Camera

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This thumb-sized cam has got to be in the running for title of the Smallest Video Camera in the World! Yet despite its dinky stature, it still packs a punch in the recording stakes!

The Mini DV Camera records both audio and video in AVI files and saves them to a micro SD card for computer playback, giving you a maximum capacity of 16GB. Considering its size, the frame rate of 30fps and resolution of 720 x 480 pixels is pretty impressive.It features a sound-activated mode, takes video footage and performs well under low light conditions!

The Mini DV Camera is both wireless and lightweight - good for undercover surveillance - and has a range of clips and brackets provided to attach it to various objects for action footage! Just one charge gives up to 2 hours of record time and it's also really easy to operate - an ideal choice for both amateurs and experienced users alike.

  • An absolutely tiny digital video camera
  • Perfect for discreet surveillance or as an action cam
  • Records video and audio; supports PC cameras
  • Supports AVI format
  • HD image recording in low light
  • Sound-activated record function
  • Maximum capacity of 16GB with micro SD card (not included)
  • 30 frames per second
  • 720 x 480 pixel resolution; 320 x 240 output
  • Charges via USB connection (cable included, USB 1.1, 2.0)
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for up to 2 hours recording time
  • Suitable for ages 12 years +

Available From

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Product Support

drives w7

Hi - you should be able to download the driver from here:


Hi Pavel- you should be able to download the driver from here:

can I download the drivers for this from somewhere?

Hi Janice - you should be able to download the driver from here:


Hi Andy - you should be able to download the driver from here:

Hi I need to download a driver for this camera

Please download driver from Thanks

I recently purchased the above camera and when I plug it in to charge the battery an alert box informs me that the device is not recognised. I cannot make head nor tail of the instructions in M3usb.inf contained on the minidisk. How therefore do I get the Driver onto my computer? Your help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Ray

Please download driver from Thanks

does not work

Could you please return to your point of purchase for an exchange or refund. Alternatively could you try uninstalling the product driver and reinstalling the driver here: Thanks

i cannot get the camera to work on my computer i am on windows 7 i cannot load disc into computer to run as webcam or camera

Hi, could you try uninstaling the current driver and then redownload the driver here: Thanks

I cannot charge the camera as it does not recognise the USB

Hi, could you try uninstaling the current driver and then redownload the driver here: Thanks

I am running Windows 7 64bit. The computer reports that 'the USB device is not recognized and has malfunctioned', so I cannot install the drivers. Any suggestions?

Hi, could you uninstall and then redownload the driver here: Thanks

I have just received this camera but it will not charge. Message keeps saying the device is not recognized. What am I doing wrong? Can you please help?

Many thanks



Hi, could you uninstall and then redownload the driver here: Thanks

Windows 7, 64bit. Plugged in and drivers loaded. It doesn't show up in My Computer or in the USB device list. It does show up as a disk in device manager but I can't see the contents. Please advise.

Hi, could you uninstall and then redownload the driver here: Thanks


When attempting to charge for the first time and inserting the minidisk I am shown the message that the USB device is not recognised. Where do I go from here?

Hi, could you install the new driver from here: Thanks

Hello, I bought this product and when I connect it to my PC with USB cable, my computer doesn't recognize it. So I can't read the videos. I am using Windows XP Professional, 2002 version, Service Pack 3. Can you help me? The CD with USB drivers isn't working too. Thanks for your quick help!

Please download new driver here:

how do you charge it?

Please use the USB cable included to charge your camera.

drivers for windows 7 starter

I'm using windows 7 starter edition and when i plug it in it isnt recognised, do you have the drivers for windows 7 starter? How can i install it?? thanks

Please visit here: to download driver. Thanks

on/off button won't stay down

Hi, thanks for your email - am I right in thinking the camera is always switched on and that you cannot turn the switch to the Off position? If so could you please return it to your point of purchase as you appear to have a faulty unit. Thanks

Please can you advise where I can get the drivers from as not on the driver page. Thank you

Please download from here:


Please download from here:

I have just bought mini DV Camera. i have followed the instructions but it seen not working. I went back to shop and i ws told to download driver compatible with my mac. Could you please let me know how can i make it work (charge and record video)?

I have emailed you over the driver. Many thanks

i have no disc-drive so i need to download the installation disc which is not on your list of drivers

my e-mail:

thank you.

You're email appears to have bounced back?

Acting very strangely - where is the reset button ?

To reset the device please simply turn off and on again. Thanks

Hi there,

Connected up the device, installed the drivers and it's working great, but the AVI playback is failing across all media players because I'm missing codecs. Have tried re-installing a few times and it has made no difference.

Can you disclose which codecs I need, so I can go hunt them down?


Hi Matt, I'm currently looking into this for you. Apologies for the delay. Many thanks

i am using windows 7 32 bit and the camera is not being recognised by the computer. the drivers do not appear to work and they are not on the page you have linked to many of the other users, how can i go about fixing solving the problem. thank you for your time.

I've emailed you over the updated driver today. Thanks

I have tried turning it on, both before and after connecting to the computer, with and without the sd card in. With the sd card in, I get the auto-play box which allows me to view the files on the card. With no sd card nothing happens, and either way, it is not running as a web cam. (Have tried checking it with skype, no feed coming in) What else can I do? Or is the camera faulty?

The Mini DV Camera can be used as a PC webcam. When you connect the Mini DV Camera as a webcam for the first time, please use the CD provided and install. Connect it to the computer and press the record button, the U disk will disappear and then a standard webcam device will appear. You can now use the Mini DV Camera as a webcam. Note:please turn the device on before you connect it to your computer.

I assume that you DO/HAVE NOT supplied the SAD card with the camera ...why is this ???... as it is seen that the camera will NOT function without it....if this is the case where can I get one from and what do I ask for, what spec and what size

It requires a Micro SD card which is readily available online in a variety of memory sizes.

I'm trying to use the camera as a webcam, and the instructions are very unclear, although it's obviously something the camera should do. Can you help please? N

Hi! Simply turn the Mini DV Camera ON and connect it to your computer. It is a plug and play device so should be recognised instantly.


I've bought one of these cameras and got a mini CD for installing the driver. Problem is my laptop does not accept mini CD... Is there any other possibility to get the drivers/software ?


I have emailed you the product driver. Many thanks

i have no disc-drive so i need to download the installation disc which is not on your list of drivers

I've emailed them over to you. Many thanks

how can I get a driver for mini D V camera

i cant get device to be recognised when plugged into usb port, i have attempted to update the driver from disk but not having any luck

Could you advise the operating system you are using? Could you email us at, thanks

what size (physically) 16GB sd card does it take, what dimesions is it in millimetres???
Is it 6mm x 7.6cm???

Hi, fits Micro SD Card, approx dimensions 10mm x 15mm

is a driver / setup prog available to suit windows 7 ?

download drive needed please


where can i download the drivers from? i cannot find them on the driver download page. thanks.

My fiance recently bought a mini DV camera and we tried to connect it to his PC, which runs on Windows Vista, and get an error message "USB Device not recognised", then I cannot get it to load the driver on the CD supplied. Please can you send me a driver that will work on Windows Vista or some other advice on how to get the camera to connect to the computer. Thanks.

Please try installing the driver from here:


Available to download from here: - thanks

I have had this camera for a few months but not used it. Now I cannot find the operating instructions.Also is there a software update available. Can you help?

Hi Kevin, I have emailed you the instructions this morning. Thanks

I recently purchased a mini DV Camera off although it appears to have been original from yourselves (as all packaging states I received the camera and a driver disk, however as I have a notebook laptop there is no CD drive, therefore I cannot use the disk.

Is there anywhere I can download the driver softwear for the camera as it wont work otherwise.



The CD only includes the software to view the videos which can be downloaded from here: simply plug the camera into your computers USB and it'll run like a USB flash drive.

operating guide

The CD only includes the software to view the videos which can be downloaded from here: simply plug the camera into your computers USB and it'll run like a USB flash drive.

Can you turn off the leds lights?

Hi, When the device is charging a green light will remain illuminated, while a yellow light will constantly flash. Once the Mini DV is fully charged the yellow light will remain illuminated. When recording, once the video has been saved the green and yellow light will both illuminate again.

Supplied 'Driver' mini-CD is empty

Hi, could you email and i'll get a replacement for you. Thanks

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