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Product Support

Can I connect this to my ipad

Please advise which product you are referring to. Thanks

I have downloaded the drivers from your site and the camera is still dead.

Could you please return your item to your point of purchase for an exchange as it appears you may have a faulty item. Many thanks

I am trying to install the drivers for this. The CD does nothing and the drivers i downloaded from don't seem to run. How do i get the driver to install?

many thanks

Could you please advise which product you are referring to? Many thanks

It doesn't work. i follow the steps and when i press to take a video the blue light does not turm on.

please advise the product you are referring to. thanks

Hello - tried the Forum, but I'm not a Facebooker. This is what I tried to submit:
"I'm 70++ -
And I can't get it flying..! Followed the manual VERY carefully, charged batteries, charged the HC - and the LED in the front of the HC is blinking red&blue. Channels A-B-C whatever - it's stuck to the floor. What am I doing wrong...?
._/hansN. in Stockholm, SWE, on a rather chilly 1st April night...

You mention that you "charged batteries" - Unfortunately the helicopters are not able to function with rechargeable batteries and we recommend using fresh batteries for flight. Thanks


We are a distributors in our country Kuwait, we distribute CE and their accessories. Would you please provide a details on wholesale price for the mentioned product ?


Please email for all wholesale enquiries or visit


Please advise which product you require a driver for

i bought this helicopter and the trim will not soon as you center it starts rotating the oppisite direction. and if you give it power it spins more.I have several other helicopters from different companies and they work it is not operator related...maybe the reostatt in controller is malfuntioning.

Could you please return to your point of purchase for an exchange. Thanks

I bought this on a Monarch flight and the charging cable is missing. Can you help please.

Could you please email us at many thanks


I just got the mini DV camera but when I plug it into computer and turn it on nothign happens - then if i press the record button it flashes green light for a second then blue/yellow light then the lights turn off and nothing happens. It is not being recognized by my computer - I inserted the disc provided but don't know how to install the driver. I am using Windows 7 64bit.
There is a 2gb micro SD in the camera.

Please download the Driver here or Install the software on the CD before you begin. Once installed turn your camera ON and connect to your computer, it should then be recognised on your computer. Many thanks

hi there, i try to upload the drivers ontop my pc and it doesnt auto run.
there seems to be no other way to put the driver on.
is there a site i can download them from?

Please could you advise the product name or SKU number for the product you are referring to. Many thanks

Hi I have recently sent you a message regarding this product about connecting to an iMac I have worked out the problem it is the cable supplied with the device it doesn't connect but it does connect if I use another cable which I have tried is there any chance of sending me a new cable for this please.
thank you

Mr C Perrin

Could you advise the product you are referring to please - Please email Many thanks

I need spareparts. The gyro etc is made by plastic and rather weak. I therefore need to by spareparts . Do you have thoose ? The helicopter i super but a bit fragile.

Best Regards
Jan Axelsson

Hi, please visit the links here to purchase spares or, thanks


Please can you tell me what the website is?

I tried to register on this site first however it would not work.


Please register on - that is an old testing site only. Thanks

Please can i have a parts catalogue for the above helicopter as i need to replace the middle of three rotor blade swivel joint.
I look foreward to a reply from you as soon as.


Could you advise the helicopter please? Spares are available for here but would depend on your helicopter: or

Hi My lad was give one of these as a Christmas present

After a few flys, the top rota has stop spinning and can see the bottom cog has slipped down-it is possible to push it back up and engage with the smaller cog when you push the throttle but sliding down- managed to take off a few times by engaigin in had and releasing but generally the helicopter just spins out of control

Any way of fixing it?

Can't find this model on the website- perhaps its out of date now but is def a thumbs up product

Could you advise which helicopter this is? Thanks

Hi There

After a mishap with my helicopter I find that there is a quite severe oscillation, like a very fast pendulum, when I fly. After the 'crash' the balance arms came disconnected from the main, top, rotor but I managed to pop those back in. One of the balance arms appeared to be bent but managed to sort that. The tail rotor does not seem to be turning either, but I am not sure if it is supposed to. Can you help me please? Any advice to rectify this little hiccup will be most gratefully received.

Many thanks

Bob Tavener

Hi, Spares are available from here: The tail rotor should spin when the helicopter moves forwards or backwards only. Thanks

New gift. Lights dont come on. Is there a battery to change?

Could you advise which product this is for please? Thanks

i cannot get it to be recognised by my pc

Could you advise which product please?

Hi, Silly question how do you switch on and off the helicopter
Regards madefo

There is a switch located underneath the helicopter - slide that and it'll turn off - don't forget to turn off the remote too. Thanks

Hi, I've been given a Thumbs Up film scanner for Xmas. Loaded software OK (including Arcsoft) on laptop and desktop, although had to reinstall/repair driver on both as did not work first time. Now, BIG problems:
- the scanner seems to overload the desktop [XP, 512Mb RAM]. It won't open beyond the Acquire/Calibrate window and then I get the 'blue screen of death'
- it sort of works on the laptop [XP, about 750Mb RAM] but the preview image flickers with dancing rectangles and sometimes the final image has one or more rectangular areas not captured properly (I've only managed a couple opf scans).
The scanner seems to want to use over 90Mb of memory, which seems extremly high - is this normal?
Thanks. I hope you can help. Best wished for the season.

Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling using the driver here: thanks.

Connect Buckle that hold balance bar steady missing how can i get new ones

Hi, please visit Menkind who stock a full range of our helicopter spares. Many thanks

The snakescope will not work on a Dell Notebook. Is there and updated driver?



Hi John, could you email with your Notebooks full spec? I suspect it isn't compatible but would like to check further for you. Thanks

I have just purchased this interesting cup to use alongside my Canon 400D.

Can I put this cup in my Microwave, if I left my coffee to get a bit chill and I wish to re-heat it. There's no mention of this on the brief instructions!


We do not recommend using the Lens Cup in the microwave

after the irst attempt a filght the ballance shaft snaped and one of the brass weighst were lost, there rendering it unable to fly.
do you sell replacements?

Spare parts are available from Menkind or Pan Gadgets ( Thanks

Zombie Gnome - Crawler
Thought this would scare away the birds but their attracted to him.
Geek Mug
Sweet Mug. Had to get it since most of my Gamer Tags involve the word "Geek".
Telescopic Click Stick
Clickstick - an amazing tool for the best memories
Camera Lens Cup - Black
Black lens cup, received as a Christmas gift. Well made and a fun item.
Virtual Reality Headset
I bought 1 n it was so good I had to buy another 1 for my son it's amazing
Secret Agent Alarm Clock
Awesome, I fell like James Bond every time I wake up
Virtual Reality Headset
Found the product easy to use and pretty cool :) a great way to look at the world differently
Panda Mugs
I love my colour change panda cup its cute and cheerful every time i have a cuppa!x
Da Vinci Catapult
What a machine!
Remote Control Candle Set - 2 pack
OMG i love these, they make the room look great at night and they smell amazing, so unexpected, think i may have to buy loads more to fill my room :) x
Retro TV Games
Loads of fun with over 200 games to bring the memories back Great fun
Touch Sonic Bass Speaker
Very good speaker with great sound quality. Easy to use just place phone on top of it. However make sure that your phone fits the area of placement otherwise it won't work. Altogether I rate this 4.5/5 a very good product. 😀
Surprise Mug - I'm a twat
Only just realised this on the morning of 27th December! Been absolutely pranked by the brother!
Wallet Ninja
Merry Christmas Gift Great for opening those festive bottles of beer and spread the Christmas cheer. Came in handy when the light broke and the handy wallet ninja came to the rescue.
Ninja Mug
Nobody ever steals my tea anymore..